An IT Category You Want No Part Of

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An IT Category You Want No Part Of

Do we really need more evidence of the importance of safe, secure IT asset disposal?

Just in case, the Identity Theft Resource Center, a California-based nonprofit group, released its 2017 Data Breach Report, and the numbers hit an all-time high.

The center logged 1,579 breaches in businesses, medical and healthcare companies, the banking and financial sector, educational institutions, government and the military. The total was up 44.7 percent from the previous year, although the center said part of the rise may be attributable to more honest reporting by those affected.

The majority of the breaches resulted from hacking, phishing, malware and other unauthorized access. That’s not our department. But 10.4 percent of the incidents fell into the Employee Error/Negligence/Improper Disposal category. And that relatively small number of data breaches was responsible for 82 percent of all records exposed – nearly 146 million.

And that’s where Echo Environmental steps up to the plate.

Our IT disposal service recoups maximum residual value for your unneeded electronic equipment – but only after eradicating all the data with security, transparency and documentation. We don’t want you in the 2018 Data Breach Report, and we’re experts at making sure that doesn’t happen.


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