Just stick to the salmon, fellas

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Just stick to the salmon, fellas

Don’t leave your scrap metal lying around. A bald eagle might use it to put your lights out.

Hard to believe? On Monday afternoon, according to Alaska Electric Light & Power, a bald eagle soaring over Juneau with a piece of metal in its beak dropped it in mid-flight.

The 18-inch-long scrap hit a transmission line, which tripped the electrical system, which shut down the power supply to customers in an area north of the Alaskan capital city.

The Juneau Empire newspaper reported that power was restored in about an hour. Deb Driscoll, a spokeswoman for the power company, said she has seen the powerful birds drop halibut heads, deer heads and other items on power equipment, but they’re apparently not as perilous to the electrical grid as scrap metal.

“The eagle needs to work on its grip,” she said.

Echo Environmental, of course, can take care of your scrap needs before the eagles swoop in and cause trouble. We want to protect the environment – and keep your lights on.