A Nine-Minute Course on our Plastic Predicament

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A Nine-Minute Course on our Plastic Predicament

Kudos to the CBS News show Sunday Morning, which served up a thoroughly enlightening overview of the world’s plastic problem, from the classic moment in The Graduate (where Dustin Hoffman gets one word of advice about the future) to the global mess it’s making to the challenge of recycling without China’s help.

We were also glad to hear one expert on the show echo what Echo Environmental President Tommy McGuire has been saying: that China’s refusal to take our plastic waste is a short-term problem, but a blessing in disguise that will force the industry to figure out new and innovative solutions. We think they’re both right, and for the planet’s sake, they had better be.

If you missed the show, it’s nine minutes well spent, and it’s here. If you watch it with a beverage, don’t use a straw.