Cleaning up the ocean, one fetch at a time

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Cleaning up the ocean, one fetch at a time

If you’re still not convinced of the need to help clean up the oceans, maybe this adorable dog video will help.

Meet Lila, a 6-year-old black lab who belongs to Alex Schulze, co-founder of 4Oceans, a Florida-based organization that sells recycled plastic bracelets and uses the proceeds to fund coastal cleanups around the world.

Schulze, who lives in Boca Raton, originally trained Lila to dive for toys in his backyard pool before dispatching her to pick up tasty lobsters off the seabed. Then he drafted her for the 4Ocean team.

Now they head to sea to hunt plastic, which unfortunately is a lot more plentiful than lobsters. Lila happily dives into the Atlantic and resurfaces with a plastic bottle or other detritus that is so bad for the ocean for so many reasons.

Lila can dive 15 feet and hold her breath impressively, while her blue 4Oceans vest helps with buoyancy. When seas are rough, she has plenty of work to do on the beach as well.

4Oceans recently celebrated collecting a million pounds of trash in its first two years. Compared to the massive plastic problem, you might say that’s just a drop in the ocean. But their efforts inspire us to do better, and what’s more inspiring than a great dog? Check out Lila here.