News From the Circuit Board Retirement Home

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News From the Circuit Board Retirement Home

Not every old circuit board needs to head for the recycling facility. Some of them can go up on your wall. WFAA-TV, Channel 8 in Dallas, demonstrated that with this profile of artist Gregory Arth, who takes retired circuit boards and computer parts and turns them into art.

“It’s just another medium, like oil paint or acrylic paint or collage,” says Arth, who lives in the North Texas town of Colleyville.

His creations have ranged from cityscapes to portraits, still lifes to American flags, boxing robots to Star Wars characters decked out in cowboy hats. They fetch up to $18,000, but you can browse for free here.

Arth gets his raw material from recyclers. “I tell them if you find weird stuff or old stuff, put it aside and give me a shot at it,” he says. “It’s like putting a puzzle together.”

At Echo Environmental, we’re all for turning old computer parts into art. But there aren’t enough artists and canvases in the world to handle all the electronic waste the world produces.

So we’ll gladly take care of all the rest. Because responsible, Earth-friendly recycling that shares revenue with the customer is an art, too.