We'd Better Hope It's Just A Movie

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We'd Better Hope It's Just A Movie

Our polluted oceans may need a superhero to save them, but one seems to on his way. Aquaman, the venerable DC Comics character who’s half-human and half-Atlantean, is making a big splash in a new blockbuster movie due out December 21.

Like most of these epics, there figure to be good guys and bad guys, scary creatures and noisy special effects, all accompanied by lots of wisecracks. But according to the plot hints leaked so far, the film also focuses on how the undersea folks of Atlantis are getting increasingly irritated by all the garbage we’re sending their way.

Orm, the king of Atlantis who’s Aquaman’s half-brother, “hates how we treat one another, treat the planet with so little regard,” said director James Wan. “And the idea here is that all the crap from the surface world literally rolls down to him and his people. And he’s just sick of it.”

Aquaman will need to prevent war between the land folks and the sea folks, while kicking butt along the way, of course.

But he’s not happy about the oceans, either. Hoping to combine environmentalism with movie publicity, Aquaman urged fans to join last week’s International Coastal Cleanup sponsored by Ocean Conservancy and issued a thank-you afterward.

The brothers are fated to battle in the movie – you can watch the trailer here– but we’re glad they agree on this.