The Second R and The Junk Drawer

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The Second R and The Junk Drawer

Everyone has that one drawer at home, the junk drawer.  It usually contains about six birthday candles, a handful of postage stamps from the 90’s, and one tangled tape measure.  That drawer grows and grows until, eventually, you toss out everything, including the opened pack of sticky notes tucked in the back corner.  Somehow, within a few months, it seems like it’s right back to full capacity and completely useless.  It’s time to end this cycle!  There are groups out there who really want that half used glue stick.

We have all heard of the three R’s of waste management; Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.  Each of these plays an essential role in minimizing the amount of waste we produce and our impact on the environment, but there is a growing number of groups that have been leaning heavily on the second R to provide their communities with some creative fun.  Instead of usable goods ending up in landfills, these groups take in left over and unwanted scrap and put their imagination to work to reuse these products.  Everything from old film canisters to wrapping paper and even carpet samples are given a fresh breath of air and a new, and creative, lease on life.

These organizations make it rewarding to clean out that junk drawer or hall closet!  We at Echo Environmental think this is a win-win! You help out the environment by creating less waste, and help your community by providing inexpensive craft supplies and workshops to everyone.  This is a great resource for teachers, parents, and all DIY crafters out there.