Happy America Recycles Day!!

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Happy America Recycles Day!!

Over the last couple weeks, we have busted some recycling myths and found helpful ways to reuse our old scrap; continuing on our trend, today, November 15th, we celebrate America Recycles Day!

Finding it’s foundation in Texas by two employees of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, this day has been steadily growing in popularity since it’s conception in 1994 and it’s official start by NAR, the National Recycling Commission, in 1997.  Over it’s history, ARD has used creative marketing and campaign themes to remain and flourish in the public eye.  As of this morning, ARD boasts 76,715 #BERECYCLED pledges promoted by Keep America Beautiful, myself being one of those participants.   Getting involved in ARD is much more than posting #BERECYCLED or #AmericaRecyclesDay on social media though.  As important as spreading the word and educating others is, this day is about the act of recycling.  We, as a nation, only recycle about 30% of our recyclable waste.  Considering that around 75% of our waste is recyclable, we still have a long way to go.   Pledging to make small changes today like making use of reusable water bottles, not purchasing foods wrapped in plastic, and properly recycling what you can, and then maintaining those changes through the years can make a big impact on our country and our world.

Recycling has some obvious advantages that come to mind when the word is uttered: preventing pollution, conserving resources, reducing the amount waste in landfills, generally helping out our natural environment.  We are all pretty familiar with those, but it is great as an economic booster as well.  Recycling can help support american manufacturing and provide approximately 1.57 jobs for every 1,000 tons of recyclable material.  According to the 2016 REI report, 3.6 billion in wages, 7.6 billion in tax revenue, and 757,000 jobs were added in 2007 alone all thanks to recycling.  Recycling impacts the individual, the economy, the county, the environment, and the world as a whole.

For us at Echo, America Recycles Day is every day.