Plastic is a Drag

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Plastic is a Drag

Perusing the internet recently , I came across a Bustle article that listed 7 ways to make environmentally friendly swaps in your everyday life. I always enjoy those quick, easy reads and helpful tips on how to be more conscious of your footprint on a daily basis. I do my best at home to be as waste free as possible; reusable bags, buying in bulk, cleaning with rags instead of power towels, using reusable produce bags, I have even switched from plastic wrap to a wrap made from beeswax. Just some little things that add up and make a difference, but sometimes, it’s just so easy to be wasteful. Thankfully, reading this article was a good reminder that while it’s easy to use plastic, it’s not the best thing to do.

The very first thing about this article that will jump out at you is the word “plastic”. It is repeated over and over again, in fact, the majority of the list comes down to replacing the use of plastic in your life. You think “I’ll run out and grab a bottle of water” instead of filling up a reusable, or snag a straw going through the drive through instead of bringing one or forgoing the straw all together, but that convenience has led us to produce 300 million tons, nearly the same weight as the entire human population, in plastic waste every single year. No wonder why the article was harping! Every time I read the word “plastic”, I thought about the pictures of marine life ensnared by plastic soda can holders, sea turtles mistaking bags for jelly fish, and marine life with stomachs full of water bottles and other plastic waste.

I asked around the office today to see in what ways other people are reducing their use, and got some really great answers. Most everyone at Echo has done away with one time plastic bottles, and instead uses glass or metal cups throughout the day for their drinks. Sheila makes use of glass food containers for lunches and snacks at work. Hilary has done away with the classic plastic toothbrush for a bamboo kind. Jocelynn uses coffee filters for her daughters snacks at school instead of plastic bags, and just recently ordered the Jeffree Starr metal straws, which are, of course now out of stock, but don’t worry, there are lots of alternatives and George always brings his reusable bags to the grocery store with him.

For more ideas, here is a list of 25, and much more intense list of 100 to take a look through. We here at Echo will likely be making more changes at home in the future!