Gold: The Metal of All Trades

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Gold: The Metal of All Trades

Gold: a metal that has been revered for centuries as a symbol of wealth and power. Today, it still holds its status as a royal metal, and it’s also an instrumental tool in modern marvels of science. It has a fascinating history, and an exciting future as more than the go-to metal for jewelry. Below are some interesting uses for this royal metal that you might not know about.

Gold in Electronics

Gold is highly conductive, which means electricity can flow through it with little resistance. That’s why it’s a popular metal for use inside smart phones, computers, tablets and more.

Gold is what powers many connections that happen in your iPhone every day. Even if yours isn’t gold-clad like this one, a typical iPhone still contains about 0.34g of gold, according to the U.S. Gold Bureau.

iPhone made of gold.
Photo Courtesy of Business Insider.


Did you know scientists use gold in medical innovations ranging from treatment to diagnostic kits? You’ll also find gold in at-home thermometers for quick and reliable results.

In dentistry and orthodontics, gold has been used for teeth repair for thousands of years. While dentists typically use porcelain for crowns on visible teeth, gold and gold alloys are still usable on teeth that aren’t directly visible. That’s because gold is tough — tough enough to withstand a lifetime of chewing, talking, drinking, and everything else your teeth go through.

Space Travel

As you now know, gold is a reusable, dependable electricity conductor. And when you’re taking on an expensive, high-stakes project such as space travel, you want the very best elements on your side. That’s why scientists use gold as a film to coat many parts of space vehicles, including satellites. According to, “[the gold] film reflects infrared radiation and helps stabilize the temperature of the spacecraft,” to help avoid over-heating.

A military satellite in orbit. This satellite is often used for military purposes such as gathering intelligence, or as a weapon.
A military satellite is an artificial satellite used for a military purpose, often for gathering intelligence, as a communications satellite for military purposes, or as a military weapon.

While versatile and vital for many industries, we still only have a limited amount of gold on this planet. It’s one small part of why we do what we do at Echo Environmental: to ensure that this metal of all trades is available for current and future innovations.