Electronic Recycling

End-of-life electronics recycling.
Electronic Recycling
Service overview

The electronics-recycling industry continues to rapidly evolve, making it increasingly difficult to differentiate a true recycler from a typical collector. Echo Environmental has raised the standard and redefined what it means to be a true end-of-life recycler.


Our goal is to take each material type down to its most basic form. Here are some of the items we recycle:

ComputersDesktops, laptops, circuit boards, batteries, power supplies, servers, keyboards, hard drives, LCD monitors.
Consumer devicesCell phones, digital cameras, DVD players, game consoles/devices, MP3 players, PDAs, video cameras. 
Network/telecom Cable boxes, communication devices, network devices, modems.
Office/RetailCopiers, multi-function devices, POS machines.

We provide check or wire for speedy and accurate settlements.

You are also able to decrease your risk by locking in pricing on buy by-the-pound material as well as during the refining process. Please ask an Echo Environmental representative for more information.

Our networks of carriers allows us to pick up products from the continental United States as well as Canada and Mexico.