Electronic recycling and data security in Carrollton, Texas
processing millions of pounds of electronic waste each month
Recycling helps allocate commodities
towards another purpose in a world with limited resources
As the technology industry grows
so does the need for innovation for the disposition and management of electronics
recycling electronic waste
is good for your business and good for the planet

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what we do

Our 175,000-square-foot facility, located in Carrollton, Texas is designed to recycle electronic waste. We receive and process scrap metal and precious-metal-bearing products from all types of companies.

Electronic Recycling
End-of-life electronics recycling.
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IT Asset Management
Managing the secure disposal of obsolete or unwanted electronic equipment.
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Scrap Metal
We buy all types of scrap metal
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Our combination of technical expertise and marketing savvy will protect your information while recouping the maximum residual value of your unneeded equipment.


We quickly and efficiently manage the end-of-life supply chain, eradicating data at your location or at our secure facility with full transparency and documentation.


We assess which materials can be refurbished and remarketed, and which can be recycled - all in the United States - to recover the value of their components, which we share with you.


Our facility in Carrollton, Texas, processes millions of pounds of electronic waste each month, enabling recovery of gold, silver, base metals and other valuable commodities from the recycled material.


Our R2 certification is just the beginning of our commitment to setting the industry standard for sustainability, stewardship and preservation of the environment.


Our mission is to build a legacy that promotes relentless forward progress. We succeed in that mission by focusing on integrity, stewardship, perseverance, and collaboration.

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Consumers and Their Data

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