Corporate Asset Destruction

An Asset at Rest is an Asset at Risk

Echo Environmental offers brand protection for companies in a number of industries by securely managing and destroying products including high-IP and data sensitive items.

Don’t risk liability by letting your assets pile up. Our robust logistics and customer service programs quickly execute the management of your assets, so you won’t be waiting around. How can we help you?

Defective Product Destruction

Work with a company you can trust. Cutting corners will result in brand damages down the line. Manufacturers trust Echo Environmental because we guarantee the complete destruction of recalled and defective products and provide proof of destruction. Don’t risk the reputation of your brand.

On or Off-Site Data Destruction

Echo can help you manage your data security in whatever way best fits your needs, whether that be decommissioning and destruction of assets at a particular facility, or the peace-of-mind that your products have been shipped to our secure facility for destruction.

Certificate of Destruction

When you want products destroyed, we destroy them. Period. At Echo Environmental, you don’t have to worry about your data being leaked or hardware making it back onto a secondary market place. As a publicly traded company, it’s not just your brand that we have to protect by properly destroying products and data.  We guarantee your assets will be destroyed and provide a Certificate of Destruction, which specifies the disposition of each device we handle.

Chain of Custody

In electronics recycling and IT asset disposal, chain-of-custody is a process that documents exactly where electronic items are during all stages of recycling. It includes an item’s custody, transfer, analysis, and disposal. Why does this matter? If a company doesn’t know where items are, there’s no way to prove information on those electronics wasn’t stolen and used illegally.

Our certifications include R2v3, ISO:9001, ISO:14001, ISO:45001, and ISO27001 for Responsible Recycling, Quality, Environmental, Occupational Health & Safety, and Information Technology.